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My Dream Year

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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


How To Do A Proper Year In Review

The key to an amazing year is to first reflect on the past. Asking the right questions is absolutely key. I'll spill the beans on how I do my yearly review to set me up for success in the next year. 


How To Set Goals From An Abundant Place

Setting goals from a place where anything is possible and with the right mindset is a must. A goal set from scarcity will not manifest. You'll learn how to set the mood for both your mind and environment before diving into my proven goal setting process


Create Your Massive Action Plan For 2020

I'll show you my proven step by step process for creating your massive action plan for the whole of 2020 - making it you best year yet - your dream year

With this masterclass, you'll get a FREE workbook where you can immediately implement all your takeaways from this masterclass. We'll break the whole year down so you can set yourself up for realizing your dreams. 


Note: You don't need to start this masterclass on January 1st. In fact, you can start your year on whichever day works best for you. 

Ready to make this year the year you successfully chase and fulfill your dreams?

The first step to realizing your dreams is to actually plan for them - and in as much detail as possible. 

I'll share with you the exact planning process I go through every week, month, quarter and year. 

Setting goals can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be. I've laid everything out for you in the FREE workbook you'll automatically get your hands on with this masterclass. I wanted to make this fun and easy for you. 

I am so excited for the amazing results you'll have!


Stop procrastinating your dreams...

  • Wether you are feelings stuck in your life or feel like you don't have enough time to produce your dream result -  I got your back in this masterclass. 
  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and lost in life is much due to the lack of planning and executing those plans. But it doesn't have to be that way when you learn how to plan like a true queen. 
  • Join me in this FREE goal setting masterclass to finally learn what it takes to achieve the impossible.

A Note From
Your New Online Bestie...

No magic powers required.

Have me met? I'm Mia and I'll be as bold as to say that I am from here on out - your new online bestie. It is my mission in life to help you successfully chase your dreams and go from a total dreamer to doer. 

I do what I do because I've been where you are now. In fact, I was a procrastinating perfectionist (say that 5 times and fast!) for years until I learned to properly set goals and take massive action on my dreams. 

Now, I am no unicorn. If I can learn this stuff, so can you. No magic powers required.

I really hope I'll see you inside My Dream Year